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Drill 'n Drive Machinery by Hanger Bolt & Stud Co.

Ideal for use for on both wood and plastic components, Hanger Bolt & Stud Co.'s Drill 'n Drive machinery is the most practical, efficient solution for inserting hanger bolts, dowel screws, and threaded inserts in production quantities. Each of our Drill 'n Drive systems is engineered to increase productivity, provide consistent quality, and improve operator safety. Offered in various models, it will quickly become one the most valuable pieces of equipment on your factory floor.

Fully adjustable to accommodate end, side, or corner insertion of hanger bolts, dowel screws and threaded inserts, all models feature a power assisted pneumatic clamping system that safely and firmly holds the work piece throughout the process. We offer the manual Drill 'n Drive 220 as an economical, versatile solution for low to medium volume applications requiring production rates up to 300 parts per hour, as well as the Drill 'n Drive 320, specifically designed to accommodate large, heavy, and uniquely shaped components. 

Built from high quality materials according to stringent guidelines and industry standards, our Drill 'n Drive systems will provide years of reliable, low maintenance operation. When the need arises, we will repair, refurbish, and upgrade existing systems and return them to you operating like new. Investing in a Drill 'n Drive system will ensure you meet or exceed your productivity goals.

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Machine Style
Process Type
Hanger Bolt
Dowel Screw
Threaded Insert
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Power Wired Payoffs
In-House Maintenance & Tooling

Quality Control
Lot Traceability
Chemical Certifications
Production Volume
Low to Medium
Production Rates
Up to 300 parts per hour

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Industry Focus
Wood Working

Furniture Legs
Octagon Table Pedestals
Empire Feet
Billiard Table Legs
Bed Posts
Wine Racks
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American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
International Fastener Institute (IFI)
National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)
Mid-West Fasteners Association (MWFA)
Specialty Tools and Fastener Association (STAFA)
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